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A Wedding Themed Monat Anniversary Party

The Casino San Clemente was decorated in white, purple, pink, rose gold, and yellow for Christina’s 4 year Monat anniversary party. Tables in The Rock Garden were draped in white linens and bright floral centerpieces tied in with the vibrant color scheme. Printed menus sat atop each plate and were framed in by light pink napkins. There was even a sweetheart table for Christina and her husband covered in flowers and disco balls. An all white dress code was mandatory for the disco wedding theme and some team members took it a step further arriving in their white attire with veils and garters as if they were a bride-to-be.

Guests were greeted with a disco ball cup to fill with the drink of their choice and a diamond charm necklace party favor from Christina. A pink, white, and purple backdrop stood tall where guests could snap photos for the gram before dinner and a pink seating chart led them to their seats. During the time of arrival, tray passed Brioche Box hors d’oeuvres, Crab Cakes and Thai Chicken Spring Rolls were tray passed, and before long everyone had taken a seat.

Christina welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming before excusing tables to the dinner buffet. Santorini Chicken, Penne Alla Checca, Almond Rice Pilaf, Tangerine and Pecan Salad, and Fresh Vegetable Medley were on the menu created by our Event Specialist, Patti, along with Christina during the planning process. While everyone was enjoying their dinner, Christina shared a little bit of her story with Monat and invited some of her colleagues up to speak. Cheers from the crowd could be heard from outside the venue as encouraging speeches unfolded inside. A toast concluded dinner and welcomed desserts and dancing. An Italian Dessert Station with Tiramisu Cupcakes, Fresh Fruit Tarts, Chocolate Dipped Cannolis with lemon ricotta filling, Meyer Lemon Cheesecake, Mini Espresso Italiano Tiramisu Cupcakes and Florentine Almond Cookies with chocolate drizzle weren’t out for long before being devoured. Satisfied and energized from sweets, guests found their way to the dance floor and ended the party showing off their moves.

Venue: Casino San Clemente // Catering: Jay’s Catering // Photographer: Ada Rey Photography // Styling + Planning: Runaway Indie

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