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Madeline’s Unicorn First Birthday Party

A sea of pink and purple filled Ryan and Karly’s backyard for their little one’s first birthday party. From the front of the house to the back, unicorn decor was draped from trees, placed on tables, and scattered about in the form of balloons, plates, napkins and toys. A pink and purple bounce house sat on the front lawn for everyone to enjoy, and by everyone, yes, we mean the adults too! An ombre of balloons formed an arch over the beverage table housing lemonade, water and iced tea and floral arrangements sprouted up in the center of every table to match the theme. Photos of family and friends with the birthday girl, Madeline, hung from string along the fence and sat in frames atop each colorful table outside. With a quick change into her unicorn dress, Madeline was ready to be the center of attention at her first birthday party!

Guests arrived in the afternoon, snapped photos with the little birthday girl, and grabbed a drink while they waited for lunch. An assortment of beer, juice, sodas, and seltzers were necessary for the hot day. While everyone was enjoying each others company, lunch was put out and caught the attention of hungry party goers. The smell of delicious Spanish Rice, Pollo Asado, Al Pastor, Cheese Enchiladas, Ranch Style Beans, Corn or Flour Tortillas, Mexican Green Salad, Homemade Chips and Salsa, and Agave Fruit Salad brought over some onlookers who wanted to be first in line. Once everything was set, guests went through the Taco Bar buffet and plated up their favorites.

After lunch, all the kids went to the front yard to hit the unicorn piñata. After a few rounds, the piñata broke open and candy came raining from the sky. Goody bags were filled to the rim with sweet and sour treats, then the group went back to the backyard for Madeline’s smash cake. Surrounded by friends and family, Madeline watched in awe as the crowd sang happy birthday and placed her cake in front of her. Not sure what to do, Madeline watched as her mom tried feeding her a piece of the frosting with her finger. After that, Madeline went to town and instead of eating the cake, it became more of a fun but messy toy. Guests were served Nothing Bundt Cakes as a sweet treat to end the celebratory day.

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